Microsoft Bing Maps

Microsoft recently highlighted three new features that are available as part of Bing Maps.

The Bing Maps Distance Calculator App will allow you to find the distance between two places on the map. You can also add points of interest along the way, and you can re-order these and the route distance will be recalculated. You will also find route lines drawn on the map to represent the driving directions.

The Gas Prices Map feature allows you to find gas prices within a 5-mile radius of where you’re searching. You can also use it as a gas station finder app.

The Parking Finder Map App allows you to find a place to park their car. Before you select a parking lot on the map, you’ll get a list with contextual information such as address, hours, and a phone number at the left of the map.

All the above features are based on Bing Maps APIs and developers can also use them to build your own applications on Bing Maps platform.