Microsoft OneDrive Photo Story

Microsoft yesterday announced a new feature called OneDrive Photo Story. OneDrive Photo Story will allow users to post photos and videos from their OneDrive and their followers can browse those posts on their feed, without ads. You can consider it as a private Facebook photo album on which friends and family can follow, comment on, and react to.

To create a OneDrive Photo Story, you need to just pick the photos or videos you want to share, add a description, and post to your story. Also, anyone who wants to follow you and view your story will need a Microsoft account, but they don’t have to subscribe to Microsoft 365.

Unlike Facebook photos, there is no way to search for people or accounts on photo story. You have to be invited by the Photo Story owner to view their feed.

Also, when required, you can reset your story to remove your cover photo, description, all your posts, and all your followers from your story.

By default, you’ll be notified by email and push notifications when:

  • Someone requests access or accepts your invite to follow your story.
  • You’re granted access or invited to follow someone else’s story.
  • Someone adds a comment or reacts to your post.
  • When someone you follow makes a post.

The OneDrive Photo Story feature is now available in preview in Australia and later this year will be available in the U.S. and other regions.