Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager allows you to create, remember and autofill passwords on your PC or mobile: on the web in Chrome, and in your Android and iOS apps. Google today announced a major update for Google Password Manager.

Google Password Manager now offers simplified and unified management experience across Chrome and Android settings. Google also allows you to create a shortcut on your Android home screen to access your passwords easily.

For iOS users, Google Password Manager can now generate passwords for your iOS apps if you set Chrome as your autofill provider.

Also, Google will now flag not only compromised credentials, but also weak and re-used passwords on Android. Google is expanding compromised password warnings to all Chrome users on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Finally, Google is bringing Touch-to-Login to Chrome on Android to make logging in even quicker. You can now log in to sites directly from the overlay at the bottom of your screen.