Google Public Sector

Google Cloud already has several governments as customers in many different parts of the world. In addition to cloud services, Google also provides communication, collaboration, and productivity tools to governments and government agencies around the world.

Yesterday, Google announced the creation of Google Public Sector, a new Google division that will focus on helping U.S. public sector institutions which includes federal, state, and local governments, and educational institutions. Google Public Sector will operate as a subsidiary of Google LLC. Google Public Sector will have a separate leadership including a board with a chair to manage its activities.

Google Public Sector will offer a full complement of business functions and capabilities, including specialized sales, customer engineering, customer success and services, customer support, channel and partner programs, compliance, and security operations.

Google Public Sector highlights:

  • It will provide unique products and expertise, such as Google Cloud’s data and analytics platform, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) tools, so institutions can better understand their data and automate core processes.
  • It will offer Google Cloud’s highly scalable and reliable open infrastructure, including compute, storage, and networking, so government agencies can modernize their legacy information systems and build new applications that serve citizens with mission-critical reliability and scalability.
  • Google Public Sector experts will help U.S. public sector customers use Google Cloud’s advanced cybersecurity products to protect their users, applications, and data from growing cyber threats.
  • It will assist agencies and educational institutions in their use of Google Workspace to enable secure communication and collaboration, and to attract new employees to the government through the use of these modern tools.