Microsoft Edge Collections

Microsoft today announced that new improvements are coming to the Collections feature in Microsoft Edge browser to help you collect and organize content you find across the web more easily.

You can now save images and videos to your Collections. To do this, you have to just hover over or right-click the item and click the add button to save it to a Collection. Also, you will soon be able to share your collections with others for collaboration

Microsoft is also introducing a new feature called “inspiration feed” in Collections. In your Collections window, in addition to the content you added manually, you will see a feed with content related to your research.

In addition to Collections improvements, Microsoft is also bringing Visual Search from Microsoft Bing when you hover over an image. With this, you can easily search for similar items by hovering over an image and then clicking on the Visual Search icon.

This month, Microsoft Edge will also get the ability to follow your favorite content creators on websites like YouTube, Bilibili and TikTok. To see the sites you’ve followed, you can check the Collections window and click on the Follow tab to see the latest updates.