Microsoft Azure Quantum

Toshiba today announced a new Quantum Inspired Solution on Azure Quantum. The new Simulated Quantum Bifurcation Machine+ (SQBM+) on Azure Quantum can solve complex and large-scale combinatorial optimization problems at high speed when compared to traditional methods.

This new quantum-inspired approach significantly improves the speed, accuracy, and scale of Toshiba’s SBM.

The following two algorithms are available through the SQBM+ provider in Azure Quantum:

  1. High-speed Ballistic Simulated Bifurcation algorithm (bSB) designed to find a good solution in a short time
  2. High-accuracy Discrete Simulated Bifurcation algorithm (dSB) which finds more accurate solutions at a calculation speed that surpasses that of other machines.

Both the above algorithms are optimized to provide the best performance on GPU available in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

“The core technology of SQBM+ is SBM, which is software that utilizes currently available computers and achieves high-precision approximate solutions for complex and large-scale problems in a short amount of time. The outcome is the ability to solve Ising problems of up to 100,000 variables—at approximately a 10X improvement over our existing PoC service. And this is now all easily accessed through the Azure Quantum cloud platform,“ said Shunsuke Okada, Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Toshiba.

You can learn more about this solution from the source link below.