Slack Huddles Chat

Slack Huddles allows you to have quick, informal discussions from any channel or direct message (DM). Today, Slack announced the new Huddles experience with several new capabilities including video with one click, multi-person screen sharing, drawing support and more. Find the details below.

  • Lightweight video with one click  remaining true to its audio-first nature, huddles will also now include video capabilities for up to 12 users on-screen at a time (default video-off); video will allow for blurred background.
  • Multi-person screen sharing, drawing and cursors – for improved collaboration across teams, users can share up to two screens at once
  • Message thread that automatically saves to channel – to easily reference conversation history and resources at your fingertips, text chats happening via huddles threads will be saved in a new thread that huddles participants can view later
  • Fun, relaxed atmosphere filled with your favorite emoji, reactions and “stickers” – with huddles view expanded, users can create and name topics to the huddle, change backgrounds and add reactions

Huddles has become the fastest-adopted feature in Slack’s history, with millions of people using it every week.

The new co-working space in Slack huddles will be available to all teams in autumn 2022. In addition to modern browsers, Huddles are available in the Slack desktop and mobile apps.