Microsoft Skype

Microsoft today announced the release of Skype Insider build 8.85 comes with several messaging improvements. You can now Quote/Reply to a photo from any Skype client. Until now, you could only quote text messages. In this new Insider build, you can now double tap to like a text message received on Skype mobile apps.

Another improvement is related to click/tap on someone else’s reaction to add a message reaction. To duplicate someone’s message reaction, click on their reaction on desktop and tap on mobile. Using the same way, you can also remove the reaction the same way. This Skype Insider build also includes stability improvements.

Bug fixes in this build:

  • Skype crashing when users upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 (MSIX)

  • Skype crashing on iOS

  • Gifs not animating on Android

  • Skype not localizing to device language on fresh install of Skype

  • Missing ‘send button’ after recording a video on Android

  • Downloading a file from chat hangs up a running call on Web

  • Trying to join a locked meeting as guest with an existing guest session causes app to get stuck in infinite spinner