Microsoft Project Volterra

At Build 2022, Microsoft announced an end-to-end Arm-native toolchain for Arm native apps, including:

  • Full Visual Studio 2022 & VSCode
  • Visual C++
  • Modern .NET 6 and Java
  • Classic .NET Framework
  • Windows Terminal
  • WSL and WSA for running Linux and Android apps

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview 2 as a native Arm64 application on Windows 11. This is the first version of Visual Studio that will natively support development of Arm64 apps on Arm-based processors. This preview release will have the following Workloads enabled:

  • Desktop development with C++ (for MSBuild-based projects)
  • .NET desktop development (WinForms, WPF) using both .NET Framework, and modern .NET.
  • NET and Web development

Microsoft confirmed that support for Windows App SDK, .NET MAUI, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) will be available in upcoming previews. You will need the following to try out this new Visual Studio on ARM release:

  • An Arm64 device with Windows 11.
  • Uninstall any prior versions of Visual Studio 2022 from your Arm64 device.
  • Download and install Visual Studio 2022 17.3 preview 2.

We have been building momentum to support our Arm64 developer community and it includes improvements across hardware, toolchains, and of course, Visual Studio, our flagship developer environment – Microsoft