Microsoft Search Coach

Microsoft today announced Search Coach, a free app available in Microsoft Teams that will help students to form effective queries when searching for reliable resources online. Through this new app, students can learn effective search patterns in a safe, advertisement-free, educational environment. Students can practice their learnings through traditional search engines including Bing and Google.

Help your students be on the leading edge of research by introducing them to digital literacy skills through Search Coach.

Microsoft Teams Search Coach

Search Coach filters include:

  • Domains: Selecting Domains reveals descriptions of common top-level domains, including information about how that domain reflects on the reliability of a site and things to look out for.
  • Filetypes: Retrieve only PDF articles, only PowerPoints, only Docs.
  • Date Range: Filter for items appearing today, last week, etc., or set a date range
  • Operators: To specify exact matches, articles that do not mention a term, and others.
  • Fact Checking: a set of objective fact check sites that can appear as a fifth filter button.
  • Custom filter: Educator-created lists of subdomains for students to search over.

Check out the video demo of Search Coach in Microsoft Teams below.

Search Coach is now available as a free Teams tab app in private preview. To join the Preview Team in the Microsoft Education Tenant and try Search Coach, fill out this short form.