In an effort to recognize the most impactful developers, today GitHub announced that developers will start seeing badges acknowledging their achievements show up on their and your fellow open sourcerer’s profiles. Achievements will commemorate developer milestones, whether it’s the first handful of commits or being a part of a flight on Mars.

Introducing Achievements

Profiles on GitHub give developers the opportunity to show off their favourite projects, contributions, and all the things that they choose to highlight in their profile README.

Achievements celebrate and showcase a developer’s journey on GitHub. You can take a trip down memory lane as you reminisce on some of your earlier work and you can also share them on social media to show off the new badges you’ve earned. GitHub will only ship a few to start, but as they roll out more over time, achievements will begin to paint a clearer picture of a developer and the work they are passionate about.

Galaxy Brain achievement

By default, your badges can be seen by anyone viewing your public profile, but developers can opt out from having achievements displayed on your profile by going to your profile settings. If you previously opted out of any of the existing badges (Arctic Code Vault, GitHub Sponsor, Mars Helicopter 2020), you will be opted out by default.

What achievements are there?

GitHub is not revealing exactly which achievements are available, but developers will be able to infer the criteria to unlock certain achievements by viewing an achievement you’ve earned, or by viewing someone else’s achievements.

What will you achieve next?

With nearly 5,000 public contributions made every minute last year on GitHub, GitHub hopes their efforts will celebrate developers and their projects, while also showcasing the impact software has on the huge innovations of today.