Apple ARkit 6

At WWDC 2022, Apple yesterday announced several new updates for its ARKit augmented reality platform. The new release under the name of ARKit 6 comes with support for 4K video, HDR video, high-res background image capture and more.

ARKit 6 now allows developers to capture a 4K video feed using the back camera during an ARKit session. This new option will significantly improve the quality of the videos generated through ARKit. For video creation, such as social media, professional video editing, and film production apps, this new improvement will be helpful.

With the new ARKit 6 release, developers can now capture a high-resolution background image during an ARKit session. This will be great for enabling higher-quality virtual object reconstruction and for imaging apps that need maximum image quality.

ARKit 6 also brings support for HDR video and adds EXIF tags, such as exposure and white balance, to every ARKit frame. Developers can now control the setting exposure, white balance, and focus of the camera during an ARKit session. This will be helpful in ARKit sessions which are initiated during challenging light conditions such as evening and night.

Finally, ARKit 6 brings Location Anchors to new cities, such as Montreal, Sydney, Singapore, and Tokyo, and it features improvements to Motion Capture.

You can check out the official WWDC session explaining the new features from the link below.