Microsoft Money in Excel

Back in 2020, Microsoft introduced a new feature called Money in Excel. Money in Excel allowed users to securely connect their bank, credit card, investment, and loan accounts to Excel and automatically import their transaction and account information into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. Microsoft was using Plaid’s API to enable this feature.

Microsoft has recently announced that Money in Excel will no longer be supported from June 30, 2023. Once the support ends on June 30, 2023, you will no longer be able to connect to a new financial account or reconnect to an existing financial account.

Here’s why Microsoft is removing Money in Excel:

We’ve learned a lot from Money in Excel and appreciate the many needs people have for their families and their money. We believe there are other areas where we can have a greater impact and will be focusing on those going forward.

Back in 2022, Microsoft announced a partnership with Wolfram to allow hundreds of new data types to flow into Excel. This feature will be discontinued on June 11, 2023. After this date, you will no longer be able to create new Wolfram data types, refresh the data of existing ones, follow links to new data, or access new Wolfram images. It is important to note that Microsoft is not ending support for non-Wolfram data types.

Here’s why Microsoft is removing Wolfram data types:

As part of our path toward innovation and modernization in Excel, we entered a unique partnership with Wolfram to expand our set of available linked data types and create premium templates by utilizing their pre-existing breadth of knowledge. We’re simply choosing not to renew this partnership for this particular range of data. Instead, we’ll be focusing our efforts on other innovations like using data types to connect to your personal data, and ways for developers to organize data types connected to their own service.

Microsoft also revealed that it is removing unique partner offers from Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions. Microsoft provided the following as the reason behind this change:

We’re committed to bringing our subscribers consistent value. By learning from this program and our partners, we’re looking for new ways to deliver that value. We believe there are other areas where we can do this, and we’ll be focusing on those going forward.