Microsoft Store Windows 11 light

At Build 2022, Microsoft today announced Microsoft Store Ads. Using Microsoft Store Ads, app developers will be able to run paid campaigns inside Microsoft Store to promote their apps. For example, a music app developer can run a campaign to list their app when a user searches for music related terms in the Microsoft Store.

In the coming months, developers can create ad campaigns in the Microsoft Store using Microsoft Advertising. Also, only developers with published content on the Store will be able to run ad campaigns. You can sign-up for Microsoft Store ads preview here.

Microsoft Store ads

Microsoft also announced the following improvements to the Microsoft Store experience for Win32 developers:

  • All Win32 developers (.NET, C++, Electron, Flutter, Qt, Rust, and more) can now submit their apps to the Microsoft Store.
  • Automating Store Submissions. Using the new GitHub Action or Rest APIs, developers will be able to automate and manage app submissions directly from their CI/CD build pipeline.
  • App visibility. Developers can now make their Win32 apps undiscoverable, to test them with a small group before going live, for example.
  • App telemetry. Developers can now access new analytic dashboards to get more insights about their Win32apps, to understand their user acquisition funnel, app usage, health metrics, and install success analytics.
  • App reviews. Developers can now engage withand respond to reviews on Win32 apps.