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Qualcomm announces Wireless AR Smart Viewer reference design

Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Smart Viewer

Qualcomm today announced the new Wireless AR Smart Viewer Reference Design, powered by the Snapdragon XR2 Platform. Unlike the previous gen reference design, you now have cord-free capability that will enable lightweight, premium AR glasses.

The new AR reference design hardware has a 40% thinner profile and a wireless split processing architecture to distribute computing workloads between the smartphone and the AR glass.

Qualcomm promises < 3ms latency between the smartphone and AR glass. With the new FastConnect XR Software Suite system integrators and application developers will have optimized features that:

  • Allow better control and preferential channel access for XR traffic to improve M2R2P (motionto-render-to-photon) latency, reduce jitter, and avoid unwanted interference.
  • Include purpose-built power modes for low power operation, without impacting latency performance for longer, sustained XR experiences. Through the pairing of premium technology and form factor innovation, Qualcomm Technologies will continue to enable the diverse consumer and enterprise needs to help scale AR to the masses. The Wireless AR Smart Viewer reference design is available for select partners, with wider availability expected in the coming months.
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