Microsoft has announced a new Home page in OneNote for Android designed to make it easier to create, find, and act on your notes on your phone.

Home page

The Home page shows the Notebook pages, Sticky notes, and Samsung Notes from all your connected accounts in a single unified view. It enables you to take quick actions, such as deleting, moving, copying, sharing, or adding notes to your mobile’s home screen by long pressing the note card and selecting the desired command.

List and Grid view of the Home page

The new quick capture bar allows you to capture notes in your preferred modality (text, voice, ink, image) and makes creating notes easy and fun! Quickly capture high quality images or extract text from documents using the Camera button, dictate voice notes using the Mic button, jot down quick notes with ink using the Pen button, or create sticky notes by using the More Actions button.

Quick Capture Bar

How it works

Microsoft has rolled out the new Home page to Office Insiders. To try the Home page and the quick capture bar follow the instructions below:

  1. If you’re not an OneNote for Android Insider yet, click here to learn how to join.
  2. On the Home page, which displays notes from all your signed in accounts, tap a note card to view or edit the note, or long press it to take a quick action.
  3. To select your preferred view, switch between Grid view (to view more notes at the same time) and List view (to see more detail in each note card), and use the one that best fits your needs.
  4. On the Home page, sort notes by updated date, created date, or alphabetically, and use the filter options to filter notes by Note type (Notebook Page, Sticky Note, Samsung Note) or by signed in account.
  5. To launch a new text note canvas, click  +Page, and notice that all new notes are automatically created in your Default Notebook>>Section.
  6. Click the Camera icon to launch Microsoft Lens, and swipe left to scan documents and edit and correct text at the time of capture, or swipe right to capture photos, whiteboards, or business cards.
  7. To capture notes using voice input, click the Mic button, record your thoughts, and then click the Mic button again to end the recording and save the note.
  8. To capture a note using ink, click the Pen button and write down your thoughts.

Tips and Tricks

  • Quick actions allow you to act on multiple notes (from open notebooks) at a time.
  • The camera supports 11 unique filters and allows you to:
    • Crop, resize, or rotate your images
    • Add text or ink
    • Reorder multiple images before saving
  • You can dictate notes in 27 languages. (NOTE: Some languages are in Preview)
  • Turn on the Auto-Punctuation setting to automatically format your notes, or use the inbuilt voice commands to structure your notes
  • Turn on the Filter sensitive phrases setting to automatically prevent the inclusion of sensitive phrases while capturing your notes.


These features are currently available to Insiders running OneNote for Android build 16.0.14931.20052 and later on their phones (not available on tablets or dual-screen phones).