Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Microsoft today announced that Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability will be generally available from June 1st. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability will allow you to transform your business through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) capabilities.

This new solution from Microsoft centralizes data from various sources in a common data format and offers an comprehensive view into the emissions impact of their entire operations and value chain.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability features:

Unify data intelligence: Gain the visibility you need to improve sustainability reporting and help transform your business.

Build a sustainable IT infrastructure: Identify opportunities to replace your tools, systems, and activities with more efficient options.

Reduce the environmental impact of operations: Track and minimize the environmental footprint of your operational systems and processes.

Create sustainable value chains: Enhance accountability across your value chain, from sourcing materials through product distribution.

 Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability solutions will provide the intelligence and data management capabilities organizations need to respond to changes with agility and confidence.