Microsoft Adaptive Accessories

At the 12th annual Microsoft Ability Summit, Microsoft today introduced the new Microsoft adaptive accessories which will allow people with disabilities to better access PCs. Microsoft Adaptive accessories include Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Microsoft Adaptive Hub, and Microsoft Adaptive Buttons. These will help people who may have difficulty in using a traditional mouse and keyboard. Read about them below.

  • The Microsoft Adaptive mouse core, tail extension, and thumb support come together to create a traditional mouse that’s light and portable. ​Additionally, the thumb support accessory easily switches sides for left or right-handedness.
  • The Microsoft Adaptive Hub can wirelessly pair with up to four Microsoft Adaptive Buttons, allowing multiple connections with less cord clutter. The hub also works with standard 3.5mm assistive tech switches and features three distinct profiles for use with multiple devices.
  • The Microsoft Adaptive Button can be easily customized to your own preferred inputs and with different button toppers by choosing between a d-pad, joystick, or dual button, and you can also 3D print your own button topper to fit your specific needs.

You can learn more about these accessories from the link below.