Microsoft Edge Secured Network VPN

Microsoft today announced a new preview feature in Edge called ‘Secured Network.’ Microsoft Edge Secured Network is a VPN-like service that will allow Edge users to protect their sensitive browsing data.

Once you have enabled the new Secured Network feature, Edge will encrypt your internet connection. All the data will be routed through an encrypted tunnel to create a secure connection, even when using a non-secure URL that starts with HTTP. Doing this will prevent your internet service provider from collecting your browsing data. Also, when you connect via public WiFi networks, hackers won’t get access to your data.

Since Microsoft Edge Secure Network allows you to connect through a virtual IP address, it will be difficult for anyone to track you as you browse.

During the preview period, Microsoft is offering 1GB of free Edge Secure Network data every month when you sign into Edge with your Microsoft Account.

Here’s how you can enable Microsoft Edge Secured Network:

  • Select Settings and more > Turn on Microsoft Edge Secure Network.
  • If you are not signed into your Microsoft Account, you will be asked to sign in.
  • Once signed in, the solid shield icon will appear in the browser frame indicating that your browsing traffic is now protected by Microsoft Edge Secure Network.
  • The shield icon will indicate when you have reached your limit, you can click the icon to see when your data will be refreshed.

  • The feature will be disabled automatically when you close Microsoft Edge.

Privacy details:

Microsoft Edge Secure Network is a service provided in partnership with Cloudflare. Cloudflare is committed to privacy and collects a limited amount of diagnostic and support data acting as Microsoft’s data subprocessor in order to provide the services. Cloudflare permanently deletes the diagnostic and support data collected every 25 hours.

You can learn more about this service from the link below.