Meta Physical Retail Store

Meta today announced that its first ever physical retail store will be opened in the US on May 9. This store is located on Meta’s campus in Burlingame, California.

As expected, you’ll be able to get hands-on experience with Meta’s hardware products including Portal, Meta Quest, Ray-Ban Stories and others.

“Once people experience the technology, they can gain a better appreciation for it. If we did our job right, people should leave and tell their friends, ‘You’ve got to go check out the Meta Store.’” – Martin Gilliard, Head of Meta Store

Here’s what you can expect at Meta Store:

  • An interactive Quest 2 display wall, allowing you to explore the hardware, its accessories, and the breadth of content available today.
  • Immersive Quest 2 demo area, where you can try Beat SaberGOLF+Real VR Fishing or Supernatural on a large, wall-to-wall curved LED screen that displays what you’re seeing in-headset.
  • You can try on a range of style, color and lens variations of Ray-Ban Stories to find the perfect fit for you.
  •  Portal devices in a special demo area.

The store will be open Monday through Friday from 11:00AM to 6:00PM PT.