Microsoft Autofill Authenticator

The Microsoft Authenticator app now comes with a new Autofill feature that can autofill passwords and will allow you to generate strong, unique passwords.

Once you make Microsoft Authenticator the default autofill provider, it can autofill passwords on apps and sites you visit on your device. As expected, your passwords are protected with multi-factor authentication in the app.

Autofill also helps you create strong, unique passwords with different combinations of numbers and characters using the new Password Generator whenever you create an account or change the password of an existing one. Once the password is generated and entered, it will be saved automatically to your account. The next time you visit the site or app, the saved password will be auto filled. The auto fill experience is also applicable for other common form data like addresses, credit card info and others.

You can also use the Microsoft Autofill Extension on Google Chrome to bring your saved credentials to the desktop.

Animation of password management with Autofill

You can download the Microsoft Authenticator app for iOS here and Android here.