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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition to get Dynasties of India expansion pack

Last week, Microsoft announced the Dynasties of India expansion pack for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

This new expansion will have three new civilizations with new unique units and technologies.

Bengalis — Navigate the winding rivers and dense jungles of Bengal as you build a thriving economy to fuel unstoppable armies of elephants. The Bengali unique unit is the Ratha, a sturdy chariot that can switch between melee and ranged attack modes.

Dravidians — Seize control of the lucrative Indian Ocean trade routes and utilize advanced metallurgy as you build one of the wealthiest sea empires of medieval Asia. The Dravidian unique units are the Urumi Swordsman, a warrior wielding a scathing flexible sword, and the Thirisadai, a massive vessel that dominates the high seas.

Gurjaras — Ride swift mounts across the fertile fields and open plains of western India and unleash diverse armies of sturdy warriors upon your enemies. The Gurjara unique units are the Shrivamsha Rider, a speedy cavalry unit that can dodge enemy attacks, and the Chakram Thrower, an infantry unit that unleashes volleys of deadly metal discs.

It also includes three new campaigns spanning across India. You will be able to earn 23 new achievements (listed below) on your Xbox or Steam account through this expansion.

Achievement Name Achievement Condition Points
The Persian Tiger Complete the Babur campaign. 10
Never Trust a Campaign AI Ignore Kabul’s offer to form a non-aggression pact in “The Last Timurids”. 15
An Offer You Khan’t Refuse Convert both Alam Khan and Daulat Khan in “The Battle of Panipat”. 20
The Renovator Repair all 4 Town Centers in the devastated villages in “The Rajputs”. 15
Like Father, Like Son Complete the Rajendra campaign. 10
No Rest for the Wicked Defeat Mannaram and Polonnaruwa without capturing a Town Center in Rajendra #2. 15
Eye of the Tiger Defeat all enemy factions in “Rising Star”. 15
No Wonder You Won Win the game before Mahipala completes his Wonder in “Sacred Waters”. 20
Won’t You Take Me by the Hand Complete the Devapala campaign. 10
Huna Join Me? Convert all 3 Huna Khans in “Renunciation”. 15
Construction Cancellation Destroy the Rashtrakuta Wonder before it is completed in “Liberation?”. 15
Parinirvana Accumulate 100 piety points in “Enlightenment”. 20
Raja of the People Save both allied villages in “Born of Fire” on Hard difficulty. 15
Hopeless Romantic Win “Hand of a Princess” with 12+ minutes remaining on the timer. 15
Inspiring Poet Convert all Rajas before the Ghorids attack in Prithviraj #5 on Hard difficulty. 20
Bengali Victory Win a game playing as the Bengalis. 5
Dravidian Victory Win a game playing as the Dravidians. 5
Gurjara Victory Win a game playing as the Gurjaras. 5
Face My Ratha Train 10 Rathas as the Bengalis. 5
King of the Seas Sink 10 enemy ships with Thirisadais as the Dravidians. 5
Forged in the Heat of Battle Train 10 Chakram Throwers as the Gurjaras. 5

Age of Empires II Dynasties of India expansion

You can now pre-order the Dynasties of India expansion pack for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. And it will be available for download on the Microsoft Store and Steam on April 28, 2022.

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