Windows Holographic 22H1

Microsoft today announced the release of Windows Holographic version 22H1 with some new features targeting both end-users and IT admins.

In the last major update, Microsoft added Moving Platform Mode which enabled users to use HoloLens in moving scenarios such as ships. With this release, Microsoft has made some great improvements to it. First, this feature is moving out of the beta. Also, Microsoft has enabled new improved methods for enabling Moving Platform Mode and new settings that allow you to configure settings such as down direction to be a different direction than gravity.

FeatureDescriptionTarget User
Moving Platform Mode SettingsToggle Moving Platform Mode and more via SettingsEnd users
Moving Platform Mode MDM policiesConfigures new MPM settings via MDMIT Admins
Moving Platform Mode SDKConfigures MPM via AppsDevelopers


To prevent the Start menu from appearing while doing tasks that involve looking downwards and actively using hands, you can now enable several options such as requiring the user to look at their wrist or holding the icon for two seconds.

A new SDK allows apps to access power and thermal data of HoloLens so that they can have notification events and custom actions.

The new Color-blind mode feature makes HoloLens more accessible using new color filters that can help make things easier to view.

Finally, for IT admins, a new policy that allows you to launch specific apps from a Single App Kiosk app.

Other improvements:

  • Fixed an issue around update dialogs.
  • Updated inbox Microsoft Edge browser version.
  • Fixed an issue where toggling optional diagnostic data didn’t persist the chosen setting in telemetry settings page after a reboot.
  • Fixed an issue where MDM enrollment was stuck when applied with runtime provisioning for local accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where kiosk mode wasn’t falling back to global kiosk (if configured) on encountering failures for AAD group-based kiosk configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where graphics memory is leaked during some camera usage scenarios.
  • Updated HoloLens inbox Microsoft Edge browser version to 98.0.1108.43.

You can find more details about this new Windows Holographic Version 22H1 update here.