Microsoft has announced an improvement in the latest version of their Edge browser, Edge 100, which should save users even more resources and allow them to spend more time away from the wall socket.

Sleeping tabs in Microsoft Edge are designed to improve the memory and CPU usage of the browser by suspending tabs when you haven’t used them for a while, and then wake them as soon as they are clicked. On average, each sleeping tab saves 85% of memory and 99% CPU for Microsoft Edge.

Beginning in Edge 100, Microsoft has updated sleeping tabs to enable pages that are sharing a browsing instance with another page to now go to sleep.

This means for example that if you have multiple Reddit, Facebook or Google tabs open, the ones you visit rarely can now go to sleep even when others are still being used.

With this change, 8% more tabs on average will sleep, saving you even more resources.

Wanting to brag a bit, Microsoft has also added a way for you to view how much memory sleeping tabs are saving you by visiting Performance under the “…” (“Settings and more”) menu.

Of course, you need to be an Edge user to take advantage of these awesome features, so we would encourage readers to give the native Windows 11 browser a try.