Microsoft Azure Space Partnership

Early this week, Microsoft announced several new Azure Space related partnerships and capabilities. These new announcements will enable developers to easily manage the cloud computing needs across application development, geospatial imagery insights and space exploration.

  • NASA and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are testing Microsoft-powered AI at the edge for Astronaut Safety. Microsoft developed and ran the AI test, on-orbit, aboard the International Space Station (ISS).
  • New partnerships are bringing development capabilities to on-orbit compute.
    • Deploying an on-orbit computer application framework and high-performance Earth observation sensors with Thales Alenia Space to unlock new on-orbit climate data processing applications.
    • Developing new technologies with Loft Orbital to demonstrate re-taskable satellite functions and seamless connectivity to the terrestrial cloud.
    • Demonstrating reconfigurable on-orbit compute and AI processing, powered by the Azure cloud, with Ball Aerospace.
  • Microsoft Azure Space team released a reference architecture (involving Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Store Gen 2, Apache Spark Pool, Azure Data Share, Azure Batch, and Azure Container Registry) on how to apply AI to satellite imagery at scale using Azure resources.
  • geospatial models are available with Azure Orbital through Azure Synapse Analytics.

The containerized Orca service–fully integrated into Azure Synapse Analytics provides fast, global-scale, and accurate insights based on satellite or aerial imagery data sets that are available via Azure or provided by customers.

You can read about the above announcements in detail from the link below.