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Microsoft announces several new features coming soon to Windows 365

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Yesterday, Microsoft revealed several new features that are coming to Windows 365 soon. Some of the features include deep integration with Windows 11, new Windows 365 app experience, and more. Find the details below.

Windows 365 Boot: With Windows 365 Boot, you can configure specialized PCs to go from powering on, to logging in directly to your Cloud PC.  This will allow different users to log in directly to their own personal and secure Windows 365 Cloud PC with their credentials. This feature will be useful for frontline workers scenarios.

Windows 365 Switch: Windows 365 Switch will allow users to easily switch between local and cloud PC via the Task View in Windows 11. Just like how you can switch different desktops today in the Task switcher, you can switch between local desktop and cloud PC.

Windows 365 app: Microsoft will release a new native Windows 365 app for Windows 11 and Windows 10 PCs in the future. This offers another way for users to get straight to their Windows 365 Cloud PC from the taskbar or Start menu. This will allow them to access their Cloud PCs, manage and troubleshoot them.

Windows 365 Offline: Windows 365 Offline feature will allow your Cloud PC to sync locally on your device. This will enable you to work without an internet connection. Once connection is available, any changes made will synchronize to your Cloud PC.

Apart from the above features, Microsoft announced the following management-focused features for Windows 365:

  • Azure Active Directory Join support for Windows 365 Enterprise is currently in preview and will be generally available in May.
  • Updates to the Windows 365 Business portal and simplified management experiences for small businesses
  • New Microsoft 365 Lighthouse portal integration for partners who manage multiple customer tenants.

You can learn about these features in detail here.

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