Meitu Photo Editor app

Meitu is one of the most popular photo editors available for mobile devices and it has accumulated over 1 billion users worldwide. Meitu photo editor app is now available for Windows PCs from Microsoft Store. This app can meet almost all your retouching and design needs.

Meitu photo editor features:

  • Smart Cutout: Efficiently identify people & objects, and accurately cut out various targets
  • Puzzle splicing: super-multiple jigsaw splicing templates, one-click creative layout
  • Batch retouching: Decathlon, one-time cropping, color matching, portrait beauty, and efficient rendering!
  • Poster design: rich poster templates, one-click generation of posters by changing pictures and words
  • Portrait beauty: Provide medical beauty-level portrait beauty, including one-click beauty, eye refinement, etc.
  • Crop and rotate: preset common size ratios, one-click operation for easy editing
  • Adjust the size: proportionally larger and smaller, one-click switching pixel, centimeter, inch adjustment
  • Dimming and color matching: professional tools such as light effect color, HSL, partial discoloration, partial color, etc., one-click adjustment of sharpness, highlight, etc.
  • Brush smear: eraser pen, mosaic, graffiti pen, annotation pen, blur pen, shape line pen, so many tools!
  • Border background: change the background with one click, the picture is more advanced~
  • Text stickers: Provide materials for various picture styles and scenes such as festive atmosphere, e-commerce promotions, labeling bubbles, etc., not only for life and entertainment.
  • ID photo design: Quickly change size and background, creatively design the most beautiful ID photo

You can download the app here from Microsoft Store.