Microsoft ID@Azure

Microsoft today announced the general availability of ID@Azure program to help independent game developers with free tools, resources, and support. This program will enable game developers to easily use gaming cloud services, regardless of the end platform.

ID@Azure empowers independent studios and startup game developers to take full advantage of the cloud to build and grow their games.

Developers will have access to the following as part of the ID@Azure program:

  • Up to $5,000 in Azure credits. All developers are eligible for an initial amount of $500, with the opportunity to access more in the future.
  • Access to PlayFab Standard Plan for up to two years. This typically costs $99 per month and includes $400 of monthly meters over PlayFab’s Free To Start pricing plan.
  • ID@Azure members get free access to various PlayFab services including PlayFab Party Networking, Party Voice & Chat, PlayFab Matchmaking, and PlayFab Lobby.
  • The ID@Azure Education Portal contains materials that explain what is possible and how to get started quickly for developers new to cloud, and detailed information about our services, including reference architectures and how to build new products natively on Azure for developers with more experience.
  • ID@Azure members have 24/7 support from Azure experts via our Azure Rapid Response package, with access to support engineers via email and phone. In addition, ID@Azure members also get access to ticketed PlayFab support, direct from the PlayFab team.
  • Microsoft will host regular weekly “Office Hours” sessions where ID@Azure members can connect with our team in a video call and ask them specific questions and talk through what is on their mind. Microsoft will also host “Expert Sessions” where Microsoft experts dive deeply into a specific product or service to share learning.

You can apply for Microsoft ID@Azure program here.