Microsoft Windows 11 Start

Microsoft today announced the release of Windows 11 Preview Build 22579 to the Dev Channel Insiders. This new build comes with Start menu improvements, suggestions in the Get Started app, a new policy for admins can exclude USB removable drives from BitLocker encryption and more. Find the details below.

What’s new in Build 22579:

Exclude USB drives from encryption:

A new policy now allows IT admins to exclude USB removable drives from BitLocker encryption. This will fix the problem of automatic or accidental encryption of storage built into specialized devices like cameras, voice recorders, conferencing systems, medical devices and more.

Start menu:

  • With this Windows 11 build, you can now name your folders of apps in Start. To name a folder, create a folder (which will have the default name of “Folder”), open it, click on “Edit name”, and type your desired folder name.

Get Started app:

Site suggestions in the Get Started app that you can pin to your taskbar.

  • Microsoft can now recommend pinned site suggestions in the Get Started app. To use this feature, open the Get Started app and navigate to the “Apps and sites we think you’ll love” page. Click on any of the sites suggested on the page to pin it to your taskbar so you can access the sites in one-click.

New animation when using gestures:

Swipe with 3 fingers left and right to switch between recently used windows.

  • Try out using three fingers to swipe left and right and switch between recently used windows.

New icons:

  • Magnifier and the on-screen keyboard now have new Fluent-style icons.

Modern Print dialog:

  • win32 apps which use CPrintDialog to display the print dialog will now show the modern print dialog.

This update also includes several bug fixes and other minor improvements. You can find the full change log in the source link below.