Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera

Microsoft today announced the new Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, an AI-powered professional grade camera that can automatically reframe and adjust lighting without any warping, distortions, or depth-of-field issues. It also features a 136-degree field of view lens to cover everyone in the conference room.

Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera features:

  • 12-megapixel sensor, with a stellar 136-degree field of view lens that can keep things near (.4m) and far (8m) simultaneously in crisp focus across a wide variety conference room sizes and configurations.
  • 1 Teraflop of compute power (a trillion floating point calculations per second)
  • New algorithm to automatically compensate for tilt, distortions, and wide-angle corrections so object appear as they would in real life.
  • AI can detect people across a variety of postures, lighting conditions, and rooms, ensuring every participant is equally visible.
  • All of this housed in a beautifully machined aluminum body, connected with a USB-C mount, and attached with a simple magnetic click.
  • Video Format: 16:9 (NV12 at 360p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p)
  • Break-away magnetic attach to top of bezel with USB-C and guide pins

The new Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera doesn’t come cheap. It is now available in all markets where Surface Hub is sold for $799.99. Microsoft will also offer Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera with Surface Hub 2s 85” from May 31 for $21999.99.