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New MacBooks powered by Apple M2 chip coming later this year

Apple is working on a powerful new chipset, the successor to the very successful Apple M1 SoC, reports 9to5Mac.

Unsurprisingly called the Apple M2 (code-named Staten), the chip is based on the Apple A15 chip, with eight CPU cores like the Apple M1 but a more powerful 10-core GPU.

While more powerful than the Apple M1 chip, the M2 will not initially be more powerful than the M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra versions, with the M2 versions of these coming later. The Apple M2 Ultra is expected to feature a 24-core CPU.

Apple intends to use the new chip in new generations of the MacBook Pro and Macbook Air.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro, code-named J493, with have the same design as the current 13-inch MacBook Pro, and will of course be powered by the Apple M2 chip.

Apple is reportedly considering selling the device as an entry-level Apple laptop, slightly cheaper than the new Macbook Air. Going along with this, Apple is also considering dropping the Pro moniker, though this may only happen sometime next year.

The new MacBook Air, code-named J413, is expected to feature a completely new design and will of course also be powered by the M2 chip.

The new laptops are in advanced development and are expected to hit the market later this year, with an announcement expected at WWDC 2022 in June.

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