Google today announced several new features that are coming soon to Android devices around the world. Some of the new features include much improved messaging, new photo editing tools, new ways to pay for parking and more. Find the list of new features below.

  • Organized inbox & nudges in Messages by Google
  • Highlights on Google TV
  • Google Photos’ Portrait Blur
  • Live Transcribe offline mode
  • Nearby group share
  • Emoji Kitchen combos
  • Screen time widget
  • Pay for parking

You can read about the above new features in detail below.

Organized inbox & nudges in Messages by Google:

  • Automatically sort your messages into Personal and Business tabs with an organized inbox, so you can find what you need faster.
  • Reactions from iPhone users will now appear as emoji on text messages.
  • Everyone can enjoy your videos in the same resolution you do when you send them as Google Photos links right inside the conversation.
  • Reduce the clutter of one-time password messages by having them automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  • Get gentle nudges to reply to messages you may have missed or need to follow up on.
  • Never forget to wish your friends a happy birthday, with reminders to reach out to your friends on their special day.

Highlights on Google TV:

  • The new Highlights tab on Google TV offers a personalized feed of entertainment news, reviews and more based on movies and shows you’re interested in.
  • With a single tap, you can go straight to the movie, TV series or video the article is based on, so you can play, rate or Watchlist it for later.

Google Photos’ Portrait Blur:

  • Soon, you will be able to use Portrait Blur effect on photos of more subjects, like pets, food and plants, too.

Live Transcribe offline mode:

  • Live Transcribe app now offers an offline mode that can be used when Wi-Fi and data aren’t available.

Pay for parking:

Animation of an Android phone, demonstrating a user following the steps to pay for parking using Google Assistant.

  • You can now just say, “Hey Google, pay for parking” once you’ve parked your vehicle, and follow Assistant prompts to pay for your parking from your phone.

Grammar correction in Gboard:

Animation of an Android phone on a messages conversation. As the user types, Gboard offers suggestions to improve the sentence.

  • The new grammar correction feature on Gboard works offline and it can detect grammatical errors and offer suggestions to correct them.

New screen time widget:

Animation of an Android phone, demonstrating how the screen time widget can be resized on the Home screen. The app displays the users daily screen time, as well as their top three most used apps.

  • A new screen time widget will provide you a glimpse of the three apps you use the most each day.

Group Nearby Share:

Animation of an Android phone using Nearby Share to send a scenic photo to multiple nearby Android friends.

  • You can now easily share with multiple people rather than just one person at a time using Nearby Share. You can just tap to add more recipients during a transfer. This feature will be available on Android 6+ devices.