Microsoft today announced that Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program is now open to anyone. Unlike most other startup programs, startups need not be “investor-backed” to access the benefits of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program.

Under this program, startups will receive the following:

  • Up to $150,000 Microsoft Azure credits: In the “Ideate” stage, Microsoft will provide $1,000 for one year. If the startup utilizes those credits, they can request more credits. In the “Develop” stage, they can get $5,000 for one year. In the “Grow” stage, startups can utilize $25,000 Azure Credits. Finally, in the “Scale” stage, they can get up to $120,000 Azure credits.
  • OpenAI access: Startups can get exclusive access to $1,000 credits, three free months of an OpenAI API Innovation License and free consultation with an OpenAI expert.
  • Mentorship: Startup founders can get advice from industry veterans and get access to startup-friendly training technical guidance including Microsoft Learn, Microsoft’s comprehensive learning and skilling platform.
  • Technical support – Startups can join 1:1 technical advisory sessions and access 24/7 technical assistance.
  • Network and connect: Connect and network with hundreds of experienced mentors in the Microsoft Mentor Network for access to expert feedback and advice.
  • Startup-centric training: Founders can access self-led learning, events and content addressing the unique needs of startups

What they are saying:

“Our ambition is to make the global startup ecosystem more representative of the world at large regardless of background, location, progress or passion,” said Jeff Ma, vice president, Microsoft for Startups. “As an experienced founder, access to a diverse network – to validate ideas, get advice and coaching – was instrumental in my success and is something we aim to provide to every founder through the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.”