Microsoft today announced the availability of OneNote Live Captions, a new feature that combines the power of OneNote with Microsoft Translator. This feature enables students to attach their OneNote to a session being spoken by an educator and receive captions in 70 languages.

Students can also play/pause the live captions, highlight parts based on their need. At the end of the session, a copy of the transcript is automatically saved into a “Transcripts” section of their OneNote notebook.

OneNote Live Captions will be available next week for OneNote education customers across the web, Windows 10 app, Mac, and iPad. OneNote Live Captions will also work in Teams Desktop and Teams web. It will be coming to OneNote Desktop app later this year.

Microsoft today also announced that Immersive Reader now supports the following new Read Aloud languages:

  • Bengali (India)
  • Icelandic (Iceland)
  • Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
  • Kannada (India)
  • Lao (Laos)
  • Macedonian (Republic of North Macedonia)
  • Malayalam (India)
  • Pashto (Afghanistan)
  • Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
  • Serbian (Serbia)