Microsoft Loop is a new Office 365 app Microsoft announced in November 2021. The collaboration app uses Microsoft’s Fluid Framework, which features live components which can be embedded in many other Microsoft apps.

Today on Twitter Vishnu Nath, General Manager of Microsoft OneNote, confirmed that Microsoft Loop will soon find a home in OneNote, helping to power its note-taking experience.

The tweet is in response to an invitation by Aleš Holeček, Corporate Vice President, Office Product Group, for the Loop User Group to try out the new features, saying:

“With Microsoft Loop, we’re trying to seamlessly bridge between the worlds of those who enjoy sit-in meetings to hash things out AND those that prefer asynchronous communication. We aim to give people a tool for the highly distributed and hybrid work environment – where people are dispersed through space and time zones and still want think, plan and create together.

Microsoft touts the features of Microsft Loop as:

  • Work together, even when you’re apart
    Cocreate, build on each other’s ideas, and add a little personality. Loop is an entirely new way to work together—designed for the hybrid world.
  • See everything in one place
    Organize what you need for your project, such as files, links, and data from other apps, in a single workspace. Work in chat, meetings, or documents using portable components that are always up to date.
  • Stay in sync and on track
    Jump in, catch up, and get going with Loop. Connect naturally with emojis and expressions. Easily collaborate and track progress with notifications, highlighted changes, status labels, and task lists.

See Microsoft’s teaser video showing off the concept below:

With its concept of a blank canvas, OneNote may be the best home for Microsoft Loop, and we should see how it integrates in the very near future, according to Nath.