Microsoft has four new features for the Bing search engine.

The first is an integrated travel booking experience, now particularly useful as the world opens up following the last major covid-19 wave.

Travel Booking Experience

When you search for a travel destination now Microsoft will offer an “Explore” or “Travel Guide” experience, which will offer features such as “what to see and do”, “suggested itinerary” and the ability to book flights and hotels from the same page. Microsoft says they have partnered with top industry players to offer competitive rates so users get the best deal. This includes flights and hotel bundles.

The page also includes reviews, tips, a map, articles, tickets & tours information, and more for specific destinations.

Page Insights

Microsoft also introduced a new feature called Page Insights which would let users see a preview of a page on hover and before clicking and the ability to jump directly to the relevant section of the site.

Knowledge Cards

Microsoft also announced an expansion of Knowledge Cards. Knowledge Cards provide an at-a-glance overview, from fun facts to nutritional information, all gathered in an infographic-inspired experience. The feature has been expanded to include many more categories and can be activated by hovering over the light bulk icon close to a link.

Give with Bing

Microsoft also wants to remind search engine users that their search activity can generate money for charities via Bing Rewards, with more than $10 million in donations already being delivered. You will now see the Give with Bing tally under your search bar on, so users will know how much impact they have driven to date.

Microsoft is promising even more visually immersive experiences coming across Bing in the near future.