Microsoft already supports HDR (high dynamic range) content in Windows 11. With a HDR-capable TV or display, you can enjoy HDR and wide color gamut (WCG) content that is brighter, more vibrant, and more detailed picture compared to SDR. If you enable HDR in displays that do not have HDR certification, you might notice “clipping” effect where you won’t see any detail in the highlights or the shadows of a scene. This is because the displayed content is brighter than the maximum supported brightness of your display or darker than the minimum supported brightness.

To solve this issue on Xbox, Microsoft has HDR Game Calibration app. Microsoft is now bringing this app to Windows 11. With the upcoming Windows HDR Calibration app, you will be able to adjust color accuracy and consistency of your HDR display.

You will be able to download this new app from Microsoft Store to calibrate your HDR display. This app will feature the following three test patterns:

  • One to determine the darkest visible detail you can see
  • One to determine the brightest visible detail
  • And finally, one to determine how bright your display can be

If you are running the latest Windows 11 Dev Channel Insider build, you will be able to have an glimpse of this upcoming app in a new section called “HDR display calibration” under System > Display > HDR settings.