Microsoft yesterday released KB5010414 (OS Build 22000.527) Preview update for Windows 11 users. This build comes with several new features and bug fixes. You can read about the new features below.

You can now have clock and date on the taskbars of secondary monitors. This feature will be really helpful to users who work with a multi-monitor setup everyday.

Windows 11 now allows you to easily share any open application to a Microsoft Teams call with a single click. To do this, just hover the application icon in the taskbar and click the “Share this window” button that appears at the bottom of the preview.

Windows 11 now allows you to quickly mute and unmute a Microsoft Teams call from your taskbar. When you are on a Teams call, an mic icon will be displayed on the taskbar and you can click it to unmute/mute without opening the Teams application window.

When you have taskbar aligned in the center, Windows 11 now allows you to add weather content to the left side of the taskbar. You can hover over the weather to open the Widgets panel.

Apart from these user facing features, this new build also includes the following improvements:

  • Cookies can be now shared between Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode and Microsoft Edge.
  • Based on your license, Office files will be now opened in the desktop app or the browser. If you don’t have the license and when you click the Office files that are in the Start menu’s recommended section, files will be opened in the browser. If there is a valid license, the file will open in the Microsoft Office desktop app instead.
  • This build now has the support for hot adding and the removal of non-volatile memory (NVMe) namespaces.