Back in September 2020, Microsoft and VMware announced the general availability of Azure Spring Cloud which allowed organizations to run Spring applications in Azure cloud. At SpringOne 2021, Microsoft and VMware announced a fully managed service called Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise. Today, Microsoft announced the public preview of Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise which will allow organizations to securely deploy, operate, and scale Spring applications on Microsoft Azure with enterprise class support and flexibility.

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise will allow you to lift and shift Spring workloads between Azure Spring Cloud, public and private clouds, and on-premises. Thanks to VMware Tanzu Build Service components, container creation, management, and governance can be automated. Since it runs on Azure in a fully managed environment, you can take advantage of several Azure capabilities.

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Tier comes with VMware’s 24×7 VMware Spring Runtime support, access to Spring experts, and packaged versions of popular projects designed for enterprise use. Also, the Enterprise Tier users can open support tickets for bugs or CVEs in Spring libraries.

In the public preview version, the following capabilities are added to Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise:

  • API discovery and routing allows developers and operators to easily manage and discover existing APIs and create controllers for new APIs from within their Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Tier environment.
  • Advanced and long-term support ​​ensure the security and stability of your Spring application portfolio.

You can learn more about this service in detail from the source link below.