Microsoft Your Phone is a popular Windows app that allows you to link your Android phone and PC to view and reply to messages, make and receive phone calls, access Android apps on your PC, access phone notifications on your PC and more. Thanks to the partnership between Samsung and Microsoft, this feature works seamlessly with Samsung Android smartphones.

9to5Google recently discovered that Google has been working on a similar experience for its Pixel devices. This upcoming feature will allow users to stream their apps and notifications from Pixel phone to their Windows PCs or Chromebooks. You can read about this upcoming experience in detail below:

  • Unlike Microsoft’s Your Phone, you will not need a separate app on your PC. Google’s experience will work through your web browser.
  • Once you start this experience, you can open any app running on your Pixel device and interact with it just as if it was opened natively in your PC.
  • This feature acts as a secondary display on your smartphone. So, this is not simple screen mirroring. While you are watching your favorite content on your smartphone, you can run your messaging app via your PC through this experience.
  • At the bottom left of this experience, you have Start menu like button that will display the full list of apps installed on your phone. Through this menu, you can launch any app from your phone.
  • On the right side of this experience, you will have a feed of your phone’s current notifications.

9to5Google also mentioned that ChromeOS will have better integration with Android devices when compared to Windows PCs. We can expect Google to officially announce this feature in the coming months as part of the Android 13 release.