It is pretty hard to keep track of Google’s products, with the company regularly killing off especially their attempts at social networks.

The latest to head into the circular filing cabinet is Google Currents, Google’s replacement for Google+ for Business.

Google Currents was a G Suite app that enables people to have discussions and interactions across their organization, helping keep everyone in the know and giving leaders the opportunity to connect with their employees.

Google Spaces was a new app launched in 2021 which offered a dedicated place for organizing people, topics, and projects in Google Workspace. The collaboration app offered tight integration with Google Workspace products, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Meet.

Google has now announced that they will be migrating Google Currents users to Spaces starting in 2023.

Google says Spaces offer a number of benefits including support for larger communities and leadership communication, investments in advanced search, tools for content moderation, and more. Google is also investing in search and discoverability, platform capabilities for app development, and enterprise-grade security and compliance, including data protection, data loss prevention (DLP) and Vault support.

Google notes:

Upgrading Google Currents to Spaces removes a separate, siloed destination for users, and provides organizations with a modern, enterprise-grade experience that reflects how the world is working today. Spaces provide a central place for teams to engage in topic-based discussions, share knowledge and ideas, move projects forward, and build communities and team culture.

Google is expected to share further details on the migration from Currents to Spaces in the coming months.

Check out Google’s introduction to Google Spaces below to see what the service is all about below:

Google Spaces