Microsoft has announced a number of new features and improvements coming to OneNote for the web, which is also used for the Microsoft Teams embed.

The update brings the following features:

  1. New mode switcher (Starting to roll out)
  2. Improved copy/paste (Rolled out)
  3. Zoom in and zoom out (Rolled out)
  4. Set picture to background (Starting to roll out)
  5. Remember the last page you were on (Starting to roll out)
  6. Auto-inking with stylus (Starting to roll out in Chrome and Edge browsers, Teams)
  7. Re-size embedded web content as videos (Rolled out)
  8. Improved link sharing experience within Teams (Upcoming)

See the details below.

1. New Mode Switcher

Microsoft is introducing a new mode switcher for Teams and web platform like other Office web apps, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to enable an easy switch between editing and viewing mode. This helps prevent accidental changes, and you get clear visual clues for read-only sections where you do not have edit permissions.

    New mode switcher: Switch between Editing, Viewing, and Open in Desktop App modes

2. Improved Copy/Paste

With the improved copy/paste experience, you can now easily paste rich content like tables and lists from external sources to a OneNote page without losing the source format. You can also paste from the context menu user interface (UI) in Teams and the Chrome browser using the Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut to paste text only.

 Paste and Paste Text Only options in context menu for OneNote in Teams

3. Zoom In and Zoom Out

You can now zoom in to get a close-up view of a page or zoom out to see more of a page at a reduced size. You can select zoom levels on the Zoom dropdown under the View tab or use command shortcuts like Ctrl + / Ctrl – / Ctrl 0 (resets the zoom back to 100%) or pinch-zoom on a touchscreen device by moving two fingers towards or away from each other.

Example of zoom in and zoom out menu

4. Set Picture As Background

You can now lock your pictures and printouts in place by right-clicking on any image and selecting the “Set Picture As Background” option. To turn the picture set as background off, click on the “Set Picture As Background” option again.

Example of the Set Picture As Background feature

5. Remember the Last Page You Were On

Every time you visit a notebook or switch to a different section, OneNote now remembers your most recently opened page and takes you directly there so you can always be in context.

6. Auto-Inking with Stylus

Inking on OneNote is now as easy as using pen on paper. As soon as your stylus hits the canvas on a touch-enabled device, you can start drawing immediately. You can scroll and pan the page content by moving your finger across the screen. If you want to draw with your finger on a touch-enabled device, you can turn on the Draw with Touch feature on the Draw tab.

Auto-inking menu: Use a stylus or draw with your finger

7. Re-size videos

You can now resize rich embedded web content, such as YouTube videos by selecting the video and dragging the corner handles.

Example of resizing a YouTube video


8. Improved Link Sharing Experience within Teams

This update makes it easier to share and view OneNote links inside a channel or chat in Teams.

As you begin to type a message with a OneNote link, Teams alerts you in case the message recipient does not have access to the file. You can then click on the file preview to manage file permissions easily without needing to leave the chat message.

OneNote link sharing in Teams: Example notification when message recipient doesn’t have access to the file
OneNote link sharing in Teams: Link Settings menu

Once the message is sent, users can open the shared OneNote link directly within Teams on their PC (coming soon to mobile). You also have the option to open the link in your OneNote app or in a browser.

Open shared OneNote link options: Teams, OneNote desktop app, and Browser

Microsoft says they are investing in making these experiences faster, more reliable, and on par with the OneNote desktop apps so users can confidently get their jobs done on whatever platform they prefer.

Microsoft has posted a video detailing the new features which can be seen below.