Right now, when you want to find some information about a car, you search for it on Google or Bing, and go through the links provided in the search results page to find the appropriate info. Microsoft Bing along with MSN Autos now offers a much better experience for car searches in the US.

When you search for a specific car in Bing, you will be presented with a new module like the above in the search results. In addition to information about the specific car, you will also have listings along with useful filters and features to learn more, explore similar options, and browse by budget. You can also search for something like “SUV for sale” to get popular SUVs, and the ability to browse by brand or body style.

You can also use MSN Autos Marketplace to find vehicle information, browse-by-map view that shows nearby dealerships, as well as real-time inventory. Thanks to the power of Bing, the Autos Marketplace also presents you with expert reviews from trusted publications, video content, owner reviews as well as local inventory. The search results can be sorted by budget, popularity, recently listed, or automotive brand.

Autos Marketplace also allows you to get the vehicle history through CARFAX Vehicle History Reports on listings. You can also know whether a car is listed as a one-owner vehicle.

The CARFAX Report can also show if the car has been in an accident, been written off, or used as a taxi or rental. This information helps provide peace of mind by showing the history of the vehicle, how it has been used, and whether it has been maintained or serviced.

Using new Bing Local search and Bing Maps, you can do comparison-shop of cars across local dealerships easily.

These days consumers can list anything for sale online with a few clicks. Selling your car shouldn’t be any different. In a few clicks, your car’s listing will soon be visible to millions of users across Microsoft Bing, MSN, and Edge!

The Autos Marketplace also allows you to list your car for selling. The new Sell Your Car feature guides sellers through easy-to-use listing forms that get a vehicle ready for sale quickly. You can easily list your car and it will be visible to millions of users across Microsoft Bing, MSN, and Edge.