Microsoft is improving Windows 11 tablet mode

Latest leak points to coming changes.

Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 does not have a formal tablet mode, with the operating system automatically making small adjustments to the icon spacing to make it more finger-friendly.

Windows 11 Tablet Mode

The user interface on Windows 11 is designed from the start to be both suitable for desktop and tablet use, but not everyone is happy with the new arrangement. One user for example wrote:

I got a YOGA for the tablet mode features. Thin and light two in ones are the greatest thing for my kind of work. Now the laptop is useless to me. Will be reverting back.

It appears Microsoft is responding to these complaints with a mode visible tablet mode, according to a finding by Windows hacker Albacore.

According to Albacore Microsoft will be introducing a taskbar setting labelled “Automatically hide the taskbar when using your device as a tablet” which will presumably give users the full-screen experience they expect when using Windows as a tablet.

The post does not reveal how the taskbar can be restored, but we assume Microsoft will be bringing back a swipe gesture for that purpose.

The item comes from Microsoft’s latest Dev builds, and the company has recently warned that not all features explored on the Dev channel will definitely come to the stable Windows 11 builds, though from the user feedback we have seen this is a much-requested feature.