The Windows 11 Desktop to get new Sticker feature

Microsoft is working on bringing an unexpected feature to the Windows 11 Desktop.

According to Windows 11 hacker Albacore Microsoft is looking to add a sticker feature to the Windows 11 personalization options which would allow you to apply a sticker to your wallpaper.

Windows 11 sticker feature.

Users would be able to select stickers from a library and configure them using the new Sticker Editor app.

The stickers would persist across wallpaper changes, as long as you do not use the Slideshow feature.

They are only available when you use a single monitor and use the Fill Fit wallpaper option.

The feature is in development in the latest Windows 11 Insider Builds and is currently hidden from regular users.

Windows 11

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s new consumer-focused version of their desktop operating system introduced in October 2021. It features an updated Fluent Design with smooth curves, gradients and a more colourful interface, and a significantly different Start Menu.

Our Take

Given Microsoft’s focus on delivering a desktop operating system consumers will love, we can understand the addition of this child-friendly feature, though I suspect power users will not be delighted. According to Albacore administrators who do not want the additional drain on resources will be able to disable the feature using the Education\AllowStickers policy.