Back in November 2021, Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft Viva, its employee experience platform (EXP). Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Topics, and Viva Learning are the four modules which are available for enterprises around the world. Last year, Microsoft acquired, a leading objectives and key results (OKR) company, which will become a Viva module this year. Viva helps employees to stay connected to their organization’s culture, personal productivity insights, expert knowledge, and key learning resources.

This week, Microsoft announced that Viva now has more than 10 million monthly active users. This is an impressive feat for a brand-new service that was announced just one year ago. Microsoft also revealed that Viva now has over 1,000 paying customers. Microsoft was able to achieve this impressive milestone because of its partners. Microsoft now has over 200 Viva solution partners.

Also, Microsoft is projecting Viva an open and extensible platform that works well with existing HR systems, learning management systems, content providers, and employee workflows. Microsoft is also working to integrate LinkedIn Learning and Glint into Viva.

Today, as we reflect on our first anniversary, we’re both inspired and humbled to see so much passion and enthusiasm from customers as they invest in their own employee experiences—and how Microsoft Viva is playing a pivotal role to help them transform as the world’s employee experience platform for the hybrid era. – Kirk Koenigsbauer, Chief Operating Officer & Corporate Vice President, Experiences + Devices