Microsoft now allows businesses to trade-in their legacy video conferencing equipment for Microsoft Teams solutions


Most of the businesses would have invested heavily in their meeting room video conferencing equipment and desktop phones. Switching over to Microsoft Teams will make all their existing investment obsolete. This is one of the main reasons several organizations are still using old meeting solutions. Microsoft has now introduced a new program that will help organizations upgrade their meeting solutions.

The new Device Trade-In for Microsoft Teams program allows businesses to receive cash back for their existing meeting room video conferencing equipment and desktop phones once they are ready to migrate to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has partnered with Network-Value for this new trade-in program. Network-Value accepts the most common Unified Communication meeting room systems, IP desktop phones and network infrastructure equipment. The best part is that you don’t need to make a Microsoft Teams-based device purchase to participate in the Trade-In program.

Some benefits of this program include the following:

  • Competitive pricing: obtain maximum value for your eligible used devices when upgrading to modern technology
  • Convenience: all trade-in and recycling logistics are coordinated by Network-Value, saving you valuable time
  • Global coverage: Network-Value accepts trade-ins from your offices worldwide

Network-Value also provides guidance on recycling and safely disposing of old devices which don’t have any resale value.

 You can check out the entire portfolio of devices certified for Microsoft Teams here.